Get To Know Our Inks

 When you are considering a print shop, Do you consider the quality of inks used? Most people don’t they just look for the cheapest quote and that can mean you’re not getting the best bang for your buck. I mean it doesn’t matter how great the price is if the ink falls off, right?

The inks we use to print your order will depend in part on the type of fabric we are printing and the desired outcome our customer is looking for. This is where pop-up shops and novice printers fail. Most will use one type of ink for all jobs. Sooooo wrong and too bad for the unknowing customer. Today You will learn about inks. 

Our #1 Choice is high quality opaque plastisol inks. These inks are a little more expensive because they contain a high amount of pigment and have great wash-ability, excellent print opacity and vast ink options. There are even special plastisol inks to print on polyesters, nylon, leathers and more.  If your looking for bright colors, metallics, glitters , puff inks, even glow in the dark prints our plastisol inks can offer you endless possibilities.

Since, plastisol inks are printed wet on top of the shirts then cured, and the ink bonds with the fibers of the shirt creating a permanent bond that when printed and cured properly will not fade or flake. While you can feel the plastisol ink on the shirt, a good printer will print the shirts using the proper mesh counts for the inks to retain the softest hand possible. Adding a soft hand additive will give your shirts a much softer feel. You can not iron plastisol ink , it will cause the ink to melt.

We also use waterbased inks when creating CMYK full color printing. 

Tha T-Shirt Shop is ran by master printers  and we know our stuff! Anyone learn to print ink on a shirt, but not everyone can guarantee you that they are giving you the best quality and print possible for your design and products.

When you choose us , you can rest assured that you are choosing the best!  Our team of Printers and Designers have over 25 yrs of experience in design , apparel , merchandising and printing. We continue to educate ourselves by attending industry trade shows and taking screen print related training.


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