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<span class=”text”><b><span style=”color:#000000; font-size:40px;line-height:40px;”>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;T-Shirt Shop Dallas Express Order form<Br>
<span class=”text”><b><span style=”color:#00cc66; font-size:25px;line-height:50px;”>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Fill out this form & click “Get Pricing Now” to get instant pricing. Place the order by following instructions below.
All shirts must be same exact design<br> If you need help with this form please call or text
<div id=”content”>
<div id=”preview”>

<div id=”input”>

<font size=”5″ color=”black”> Choose A Shirt:</font></p>

<select id=”ProductStyle” name=”ProductStyle”>
<option value=”Basic Unisex Cotton T-Shirt:2.62″>Basic Unisex Cotton T-Shirt</option>
<option value=”500 5.3oz Heavy Cotton Tee:2.62″>500 5.3oz Heavy Cotton Tee</option>
<option value=”G200 Ultra Cotton T-Shirt:2.86″>G200 Ultra Cotton T-Shirt</option>
<option value=”200B Youth Ultra Cotton:2.86″>200B Youth Ultra Cotton</option>
<option value=”2800 Ultra Cotton Jersey Polo:4.90″>2800 Ultra Cotton Jersey Polo</option>

<option value=”2400GL Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts:5.17″>2400GL Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts</option>
<option value=”G2300 Ultra Cotton Pocket Tee:5.76″>G2300 Ultra Cotton Pocket Tee</option>
<option value=”2410 Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve Pocket Tee:7.5″>2410 Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve Pocket Tee</option>
<option value=”2700 Ultra Cotton Sleeveless T Shirt:4.65″>2700 Ultra Cotton Sleeveless T Shirt</option>

<option value=”G800 50/50 DryBlend T-Shirt:2.91″>G800 50/50 DryBlend T-Shirt</option>
<option value=”G8300 50/50 DryBlend Pocket T Shirt:5.4″>G8300 50/50 DryBlend Pocket T Shirt</option>
<option value=”G8400 50/50 DryBlend Long Sleeve T Shirt:6″>G8400 50/50 DryBlend Long Sleeve T Shirt</option>
<option value=”G880 50/50 DryBlend Jersey Polo:4.5″>G880 50/50 DryBlend Jersey Polo</option>

<option value=”3600 Next Level Unisex Cotton T-Shirt:4.67″>3600 Next Level Unisex Cotton T-Shirt</option>
<option value=N3200 Next Level Men’s Cotton V
<option value=N6210 Next Level Men’s CVC Crew 60C/40P
<option value=6010 Next Level Men’s Triblend Crew:7.52
<option value=6010A Next Level Men’s Made in USA Triblend T-Shirt
<option value=6710 Next Level Ladies’ Triblend Crew:7.52
<option value=N1540 Next Level Ladies’ Ideal V
<option value=N1510 Next Level Ladies’ Ideal Crew
<option value=6040 Next Level Men’s Triblend V
<option value=N6021 Next Level Adult Triblend Long-Sleeve Hoody
<option value=6071 Next Level Men’s Triblend Long-Sleeve Crew
<option value=3602 Next Level Men’s Cotton Long Body Crew
<option value=9303 Next Level Unisex Pullover Hood
<option value=4600 Next Level Unisex Eco Heavyweight T-Shirt
<option value=6200 Next Level Unisex Poly/Cotton Crew
C1717 Comfort Colors Adult Heavyweight RS T-Shirt
88181 Ash City – Core 365 Men’s Origin Performance Piqué Polo
437 Jerzees Adult 5.6 oz. SpotShield™ Jersey Polo
437W Jerzees Ladies’ 5.6 oz. SpotShield™ Jersey Polo
N3142 A4 Men’s Cooling Performance T-Shirt
NW3201 A4 Ladies’ Cooling Performance T-Shirt

<option value=”6051 Next Level Unisex Triblend 3/4-Sleeve:8.96″>6051 Next Level Unisex Triblend 3/4</option>

<option value=”600- Bella Short Sleeve Jersey Tee:6.96″>600- Bella Short Sleeve Jersey Tee</option>
<option value=”6400 Missy Jersey Short Sleeve Tee:8″>6400 Missy Jersey Short Sleeve Tee</option>
<option value=”6405 Bella Missy V Neck Tee:8.33″>6405 Bella Missy V Neck Tee</option>
<option value=”8413 Bella TriBlend Tee:6.38″>8413 Bella TriBlend Tee</option>

<option value=”3001CV Canvas Unisex Tee:7.1″>3001CV Unisex Tee</option>

<option value=”3005CV V Neck Tee:8.1″>3005CV V Neck Tee</option>
<option value=”3005Y Youth V Neck Tee:8.1″>3005Y Youth V Neck Tee</option>
<option value=”3055 Ringer Tee:11.70″>3055 Ringer Tee</option>
<option value=”3402 CV Vintage Jersey Tee: 17.08″>3402 CV Vintage Jersey Tee</option>
<option value=”3413 Triblend Tee:10.00″>3413 Triblend Tee</option>
<option value=”3415V TriBlend V Neck:11.08″>3415V TriBlend V Neck</option>
<option value=”3650 Poly Cotton Short Sleeve:13.28″>3650 Poly Cotton Short Sleeve</option>
<option value=”Customer Provided Shirts:0.00″>Customer Provided Shirts</option><!–$0.00–>

<font size=”5″ color=”black”> Select A Shirt Color:</font>

<select id=”ShirtColor” name=”ShirtColor”>
<option value=”White:0.00″>White</option><!–$0.00 –>
<option value=”Black:1.50″>Black</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Sport Grey:1.50″>Sport Grey</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Royal:1.50″>Royal</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Red:1.50″>Red</option><!–$1.50 –>

<option value=”Ash Grey:1.00″>Ash Grey</option><!–$1.00 –>
<option value=”Azalea:1.00″>Azalea</option><!–$1.00 –>
<option value=”Blue Dusk:1.50″>Blue Dusk</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Cardinal:1.50″>Cardinal</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Carolina Blue:1.50″>Carolina Blue</option><!–$1.50–>
<option value=”Charcoal:1.50″>Charcoal</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Cherry Red:1.50″>Cherry Red</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Chestnut:1.50″>Chestnut</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Daisy:1.50″>Daisy</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Dark Choc:1.50″>Dark Choc</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Dark Heather:1.50″>Dark Heather</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Forest Green:1.50″>Forest Green</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Galapagos BLue:1.50″>Galapagos BLue</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Gold:1.50″>Gold</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Heather Cardinal:1.50″>Heather Cardinal</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Heather Indigo:1.50″>Heather Indigo</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Heather Navy:1.50″>Heather Navy</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Heather Sapphire:1.50″>Heather Sapphire</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Heliconia:1.50″>Heliconia</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Honey:1.50″>Honey</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Ice Grey:1.50″>Ice Grey</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Idigo:1.50″>Idigo</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Iris:1.50″>Iris</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Irish Green:1.50″>Irish Green</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Jade Dome:1.50″>Jade Dome</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Kelly Green:1.50″>Kelly Green</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Kiwi:1.50″>Kiwi</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Light Blue:1.50″>Light Blue</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Lt Pink:1.50″>Lt Pink</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Lime:1.50″>Lime</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Maroon:1.50″>Maroon</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Metro Blue:1.50″>Metro Blue</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Military Green:1.50″>Military Green</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Mint:1.50″>Mint</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Natural:1.50″>Natural</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Navy:1.50″>Navy</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Olive:1.50″>Olive</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Orange:1.50″>Orange</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Orchid:1.50″>Orchid </option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Pistaschio:1.50″>Pistaschio</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Prairie Dust:1.50″>Prairie Dust</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Purple:1.50″>Purple</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Rusty Bronze:1.50″>Rusty Bronze</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Safety Green:2.00″>Safety Green</option><!–$2.00 –>
<option value=”Safety Orange:2.00″>Safety Orange</option><!–$2.00 –>
<option value=”Safety Pink:2.00″>Safety Pink</option><!–$2.00 –>
<option value=”Sand:1.00″>Sand </option><!–$1.00 –>
<option value=”Sapphire:1.50″>Sapphire</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Sky:1.50″>Sky</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Sports Grey:1.50″>Sports Grey</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Vegas Gold:1.50″>Vegas Gold</option><!–$1.50 –>
<option value=”Other Light:1.00″>Other Light</option><!–$1.00 –>
<option value=”Other Dark:1.50″>Other Dark</option><!–$1.50 –>

<p><font size=”5″ color=”black”> How many colors are in your design?</font></p>
<p><font size=”5″ color=”grey”> (Add 1 extra print color per side when printing on BLACK OR DARK COLOR shirts, dark colors need a white underbase to make the colors pop)</font></p>

FRONT SIDE:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;BACK SIDE:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;LEFT SLEEVE:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;RIGHT SLEEVE<br>

<select id=”numberOfColorsFront” name=”numberOfColorsFront”>
<option value=”0″>0</option>
<option value=”1″>1</option>
<option value=”2″>2</option>
<option value=”3″>3</option>
<option value=”4″>4</option>
<option value=”5″>5</option>
<option value=”6″>6</option>


<select id=”numberOfColorsBack” name=”numberOfColorsBack”>
<option value=”0″>0</option>
<option value=”1″>1</option>
<option value=”2″>2</option>
<option value=”3″>3</option>
<option value=”4″>4</option>
<option value=”5″>5</option>
<option value=”6″>6</option>


<select id=”numberOfColorsLS” name=”numberOfColorsLS”>
<option value=”0″>0</option>
<option value=”1″>1</option>
<option value=”2″>2</option>
<option value=”3″>3</option>
<option value=”4″>4</option>
<option value=”5″>5</option>
<option value=”6″>6</option>


<select id=”numberOfColorsRS” name=”numberOfColorsRS”>
<option value=”0″>0</option>
<option value=”1″>1</option>
<option value=”2″>2</option>
<option value=”3″>3</option>
<option value=”4″>4</option>
<option value=”5″>5</option>
<option value=”6″>6</option>



<font size=”5″ color=”black”> Enter Adult Shirt Sizes :</font></p>

Small : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”adultS” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”Small”/>

Med : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”adultM” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”Med”/>
Large : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”adultL” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”Large”/>
XL : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”adultXL” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”XL”/>
2X: <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”adult2X” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”2X”/>
3X : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”adult3X” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”3X”/>
4X : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”adult4X” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”4X”/>
5X : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”adult5X” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”5X”/>

<font size=”5″ color=”black”> Enter YOUTH Shirt Sizes :</font></p>

Yth Small : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”youthS” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”Yth Small”/>

Yth Med : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”youthM” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”Yth Med”/>
Yth Large : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”youthL” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”Yth Large”/>
Yth XL : <input onblur=”findTotal()” type=”text” name=”youthXL” class=”sizes” size=”2″ id=”XL”/><P></p>

<font size=”5″>
Shirt Total : <input type=”text” name=”qty” id=”numberOfShirts” size=”2″ min=”12″ max=”5000″ value=”0″ />

<script type=”text/javascript”>
function findTotal(){
var arr = document.getElementsByClassName(‘sizes’);
var tot=0;
for(var i=0;i<arr.length;i++){
tot += parseInt(arr[i].value);
document.getElementById(‘numberOfShirts’).value = tot;


<p><font size=”3″ color=”GREY”> (12pc min. purchase required per design)</font></p>

<input class=”button” value=”GET PRICING NOW” onclick=”javascript:calc();” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”total” id=”total” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”pricePerShirt” id=”pricePerShirt” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”totalTax” id=”totalTax” />
<input type=”reset” value=”Reset” id=”clr” name=”reset_Name” />
<div id=”res”></div>
<p><font size=”4″
color=”GREY”> * other fees may apply for shipping, art, etc. We will email you a final Quote/Invoice for Payment.
All Payments must be finalized prior to entering our print schedule. Standand Printing is 5-10 business days.
We offer rush service for an addtl fee of 25%-50% of your order. Tell us if you need rush service in the comments below

<p><font size=”5″ color=”GREY”> To place the above order fill out the form info below and email your art to
We will review the order for accuracy and email you payemnt link to make your payment. Once payment is received order order will be placed and a job proof will be emailed to you for an approval to print the order. All orders are complete 5-10 days after payment has been made and art approved. If your art is not print ready we let you know and it to your bill.


<font size=”4″ color=”black”>First name:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type=”text” name=”fname” required>
Last name:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type=”text” name=”lname”>
<input type=”email” name=”email” required>
Phone # &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=”text” name=”phone”>
<textarea name=”message” rows=”10″ cols=”80″ required>please enter special instructions such as print colors, etc</textarea>
<div class=”g-recaptcha” data-sitekey=”6Lf0GGEUAAAAACcY-aWQU27no5dr8tIrVx2L1l5Q”></div>
<?php foreach($errors as $error) { ?>
<ul style=”margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style: none; margin-bottom: 20px”>
<li style=”color: red;”><?php echo $error; ?></li>
<?php } ?>
<input type=”submit” value=”Submit” name=”submit”>


var done = false;

var Conditions= {
as colorsFront price is everywhere equal to colorBack price
we can use only one array for both. Enter quantity as ‘1-12′:[1 color,2color, 3color, etc]

’12-23′ :[8.00, 9,10,11,12,13],
’24-35′ :[2.50,3.13,3.75,3.75,3.75,3.75],
’36-71′ :[2.00,2.50,3.00,3.50,4.00,5.00],
’72-99’ :[1.80,2.25,2.70,3.15,3.60,4.05],
‘1000+’ :[0.90,1.13,1.35,1.58,1.80,2.02]

function _(id){return document.getElementById(id);}
function splitEl(val) {
var val = val.split(“:”);
return val[1];


function calc(){

var numberOfShirts = Number(_(‘numberOfShirts’).value),
numberOfColorsFront = Number(_(‘numberOfColorsFront’).value),
numberOfColorsBack = Number(_(‘numberOfColorsBack’).value),
numberOfColorsLS = Number(_(‘numberOfColorsLS’).value),
numberOfColorsRS = Number(_(‘numberOfColorsRS’).value),
productStyle = Number(splitEl(_(‘ProductStyle’).value)),
productColor = Number(splitEl(_(‘ShirtColor’).value)),
feeFront = (numberOfColorsFront == 0) ? 0 : (25 + 20*(numberOfColorsFront – 1)),
feeBack = (numberOfColorsBack == 0) ? 0 : (25 + 20*(numberOfColorsBack – 1)),
feeLS = (numberOfColorsLS == 0) ? 0 : (25 + 20*(numberOfColorsLS – 1)),
feeRS = (numberOfColorsRS == 0) ? 0 : (25 + 20*(numberOfColorsRS – 1)),
fee = feeFront + feeBack + feeLS + feeRS,
priceForColors = pricePerColorFront = pricePerColorBack = pricePerColorLS = pricePerColorRS = total = 0,

var adult2X = Number(_(‘2X’).value);
var adult3X = Number(_(‘3X’).value);
var adult4X = Number(_(‘4X’).value);
var adult5X = Number(_(‘5X’).value);

case numberOfShirts >= 12 && numberOfShirts <= 23 : arr = Conditions[’12-23′]; break;
case numberOfShirts >= 24 && numberOfShirts <= 35 : arr = Conditions[’24-35′]; break;
case numberOfShirts >= 36 && numberOfShirts <= 71 : arr = Conditions[’36-71′]; break;
case numberOfShirts >= 72 && numberOfShirts <= 99 : arr = Conditions[’72-99′]; break;
case numberOfShirts >= 100 && numberOfShirts <= 199 : arr = Conditions[‘100-199’]; break;
case numberOfShirts >= 200 && numberOfShirts <= 499 : arr = Conditions[‘200-499’]; break;
case numberOfShirts >= 500 && numberOfShirts <= 999 : arr = Conditions[‘500-999’]; break;
case numberOfShirts >= 1000 : arr = Conditions[‘1000+’]; break;
default: alert(‘You must order at least 12 shirts to qualify for screen printing. Discount breaks at 24pc,36pc,71pc,100pc,200pc,500pc. If you need less than 12 shirts ,use the Dye Sublimation Order form!’);_(‘numberOfShirts’).focus();

pricePerColorFront = arr[numberOfColorsFront-1] || 0;
pricePerColorBack = arr[numberOfColorsBack-1] || 0;
pricePerColorLS = arr[numberOfColorsLS-1] || 0;
pricePerColorRS = arr[numberOfColorsLS-1] || 0;

priceForColors = pricePerColorFront+pricePerColorBack+pricePerColorLS+pricePerColorRS;

total = ((numberOfShirts * priceForColors) + fee) + (numberOfShirts *(productStyle + productColor)) + (adult2X * 3) + (adult3X * 3) + (adult4X * 4) + (adult5X * 4);
total_w_tax = total * 1.0825;
total_per_shirt = total / numberOfShirts;

_(‘res’).innerHTML=’Total = $’+total.toFixed(2)+’&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Price per Shirt(sales tax not included) = $’+total_per_shirt.toFixed(2)+
‘&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>|&nbsp; YOUR TOTAL w/tax = $’+total_w_tax.toFixed(2);

document.getElementById(‘total’).value = total.toFixed(2);
document.getElementById(‘pricePerShirt’).value = total_per_shirt.toFixed(2);
document.getElementById(‘totalTax’).value = total_w_tax.toFixed(2);

done = true;

if(this.value <12){this.value = 12;}
if(this.value > 5000){this.value = 5000;}

document.getElementById(‘Quoteform’).addEventListener(‘submit’, function(e) {
if (!done) {
alert(‘Before submitting, please get your prices.’);
} else {
return true;


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