minimum order requirement

Why do we have minimum purchases?

Alot of work goes into making your t-shirts. We use several printing techniques to achieve the perfect product for you. Our main printing technique is Screen printing. Screen printing is the oldest form of printing and is very cost effective when purchasing in bulk, but its a very strenuous process, Each color in your design & each print location needs a special screen to be created and each screen has to be printed one at a time on the shirt. Even though we have the help of machines screen printing is a manual process. Everything must be right  from art to production there are hours of work involved just to get your job ready to go to print, but once it does screen printing bulk orders is very competitive because we are using the same screens over and over again to create your design. This is how you save money!

We also use a few digital printing methods like Dye Sublimation Printing. Dye Sub is an awesome way to get full color prints with a very soft hand feel. Dye sub inks are expensive but because we have the help of wide format printers to print our designs it can be a much faster process. Dye Sublimation tees are a great way of printing very high quality prints . Dye sub does have its limitations and needs at least 50% polyester to get the best results. Our Dye Sub prints do not have minimums , so you can order just one. Just expect to pay a little more for the quality of the print and shirt. We also aren’t able to offer big discounts on our dye sub prints because it is a costly process .

Our team will work with you to determine the best printing method for your project. We will take your design and match it with the best t-shirt and printing method


Our minimum order for Screen Printing varies by the number of inks in your design.

1 color screen printed shirts have a 12 pc min. purchase requirement.

2-3 color screen printed designs have a 24 pc. min purchase requirement

4 color +  screen printed designs have a 36 pc min.purchase requirement


 You can mix colors sizes and products as long as the design is the same and the ink colors are the same.


There are no minimum purchase requirements for sublimation printing