Customer Supplied Art Requirement for Screen Printing

The saying garbage in, garbage out really applies to art. If you submit a great design but it’s low resolution and very pixeliated, it will print horribly. To avoid this, we have put this little list together to help you avoid art fees and have art that prints great on your shirts.

Spot Color Art ( art that is made up of solid colors, no shades or gradients) All spot color art should be submitted in Vector Format saved as a PDF. We will need 2 files – file 1 should be with your design on the product how you would like it to be printed. File 2 – the vector pdf of your design in the print size you want it printed and in pantone colors.

You can create your design using a graphics program such as Coreldraw or Illustrator. If you do not have a vector program download inkscape from

It’s a free vector program.

CMYK Process & Simulated Process Art (Raster Images or Text that has shades and gradients) This art should be saved as a high resolution Tiff. If your art is a mixture of raster images and vector text do not group the Text into the image, instead save the file as a PDF. This keeps the intregity of the vector and tiff images. ALL CMYK & Simulated Process Art Designs will incur a $65 separation fee.

All computer generated artwork must be PC based (not MAC) and in vector format, created by a vector based graphics program such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Our file format of preference is Corel Draw (cdr) or .EPS files converted to PDF .
When submitting electronic artwork make sure that all text has been
converted to curves or outlines and that all outlines are set to scale and when using multiple colors in your design please send 2 files. The 1st file is for reference and needs to be in the colors that you want printed.

For best results please use Pantone Spot colors. We will match ink colors as close as possible. We can not guarantee exact color matches due to variances in computer monitors and printers.

Designs created on mobile devices are not acceptable and will incur art charges as they will need to be recreate

Digital Printing Files – 300 DPI resolution files in RGB colors works best in at least 10x10inches. Even though digital prints dont have to be color separated we do suggest using the very best image possible.

Hand-Drawn ArtworkHand drawn artwork is acceptable as long as it is black and white, using a black felt tip pen (not a ballpoint pen or pencil). Any traces of pencil marks need to be completely erased before submitting via email. Our team can add colors to the art once it had been submitted ( addtl art fees will apply)

Are images created on other T-Shirt Sites Acceptable? NO

Designs that you have or create from online sites can be used for reference only. Designs sent from other sites are unacceptable for artwork and will need to be recreated. It is not considered as art ready. Fonts will be matched closely as possible and images will be replaced with similar images. Art fee $45

Font matching- please convert your fonts to curves prior to sending your files. We can not spend hours trying to match fonts. If your looking for commercial free fonts try using the google fonts –

All prices are in USD. Copyright 2013 Tha T-Shirt Shop