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Live Screen Printing Events in Dallas, Texas

How it all works:

Our Team will work with you to create designs that will be special to your event theme. Your guess will have several options to choose from and will be able to customize their shirts on spot by selecting their design of choice to be printed on the item they select and in the print location they want. Our Printer will print the shirt for your guest or assist them with printing.( Assisted printing setups take a little more time but are a lot of fun !) Once the shirt is printed we will do a full cure on the shirt and it will be ready to wear! It’s that easy.


Option 1 : Our full live screen Printing Set-Up with 2 printers will cost $1200(3hour max) plus cost of merchandise.  This price includes a 2 person team. 6 color/4 station screen printing press, flash and conveyor dryer. You are limited to 6 screens and 1 print location. This can be 6 designs or 2 -2 color designs. 

Option 2: Great For Small Events. Your guess will choose a design and we will transfer it onto your guest shirts using a heat press.  Using heat transfer method we can provide full color printing on white or light color shirts. We can do 1 -2 color screen printed transfers. We will provide 1 commercial heat press and 1 printer. 
Live Screen Printing @ the Foundry in Dallas Texas
Google Cloud Live Screen Printing Event Downtown Dallas

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