Want to learn how to screen print t-shirts and other promotional items?

We offer screen printing workshops to other shops and home printers. Our classes are now offered on our sister site over at ladyprintboss.com

LaTonna Roberson is the owner of T-Shirt Shop Dallas and she is also an indutry recognized experts who has trained hundred of home based printers and shop thoughout the South. LaTonna currently speaks at industry events and also offers free training via her youtube channel youtube.com/ladyprintboss

Unlock your creative potential with our top-notch screen printing class! Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to start your own t-shirt business or a hobbyist seeking to delve into the world of custom apparel, our workshops offer the perfect opportunity to learn the art of screen printing. Led by experienced professionals in Dallas, our classes provide hands-on training, teaching you the essential techniques and tools needed to bring your unique designs to life. Expect to gain valuable insights into the entire screen printing process, from creating eye-catching stencils to mastering the perfect ink application. By the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence and skills to print your designs like a pro, unleashing your creativity and setting you up for success in the exciting world of screen printing!

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