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On Site Live Screen Printing And Heat Press Activations In Dallas Texas

On site T-Shirt Printing Activations is our specialty. Our mobile screen printing crew will turn your next event into a one of a kind interactive live printing activation using custom printed t-shirts and other merchandise with your logos and cool designs. Our team of expert printers will take your print event to the next level. Live printing is alot of fun, people remember it and it’s great for promoting your companies products & services by getting the conversation started in a fun atmosphere. 


Looking for a unique way to make your brand or event stand out? Look no further than our live printing on custom merch live t-shirts, caps and mugs!  We will work with you to create an awesome live printing experience that your guest will love. 

We have tons of merch for you to choose from and a wide range of printing options  we can taylor to your mobile printing experience. Our expert printing team will  ensure that your logo or design looks great and lasts wash after wash. Whether you’re promoting your business, organizing a group event, or just looking for a fun way to express yourself, our live on site printing activations are the perfect choice. Book your event today!


Check out a few of our past events

Live screen printing activation at the Omni Hotel for CWS Summit in Dallas | 2 - 4 color screen printing press package

Heat Press Activation @ Sneaker Politics in Deep Ellum, Dallas Texas

Live Print Activation | Simple Truth 10th Anniversary -The Colony Texas with

We specialize in Live Screen Printing Events in Dallas, Texas but our team will travel anywhere in the USA to provide and awesome live print experience for your and your guests

Space Needed & Technical Requirements


Power Requirements (per piece of equipment needed)

  • Dryer Requirements – 1 20 amp outlet
  •  Heatpress – 1-15 amp outlet
  • Flash Dryer  1-20 amp outlet

ask us about your electrical requirements

Other Optional Items: 

  • All outdoor events require a covered space. If your space is not covered we will require a tent, if you do not have one we can provide a tent at an addtl cost
  • 6 foot tables with covers – you will need a minimum of 2 tables, if you do not have tables we can provide them. 


Space: Most setups require a minimum space of 10ft x10ft.  We can also do small setups that require nothing more than a 6 ft table

Equipment Size

  • Our t-shirt dryers are 2ft wide by 6 ft long 
  •  Our 4 color screen print presses require approximately 4 ft of space in order to rotate properly
You may need more space based on the amount of equipment your require and the number custom items to be stored for printing




We offer Live Printing Packages starting @ $1000
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